Gallery of Horses​​


JoeJoe is a 10 y/o 17hh Thoroughbred schooling 1st level Dressage. He is being prepared for showing. 


Blue is a 15y/o, 15.2hh, Black Egyptian Arabian Gelding. He is showing 1st level but schooling up to 4th level with piroettes. Blue continues winning Blue Ribbons at the shows.
Blue is preparing for a 100 Mile ride across the Mojave Desert early next year as well as Arabian Sport Horse Nationals in 2 years.  


Vash is a 16y/o Off the Track Thoroughbred. This guy had a kissing spine for most of his life. This guy is a survivor of a violent hateful crime, and during his near death experience his kissing spine was fixed. 
He's now back in business, schooling 1st level, as well as shoulder in's. His owner has just begun jumping him and dreams of showing him. 
Vash is also preparing for the 100 mile ride across the Mojave desert with Blue. 

PRE Gitana

PRE Gitana is a 4 y/o, 15.3hh, PRE Andalusian Mare.
Unfortunately she was started by a charo who taught her to Rollkur so she has been learning to carry the contact. 
Recently she has been schooling up to 3rd level and is ready for Intro Shows. 


Mojave is a 5 y/o, 16hh Off the Track Thoroughbred. He is going through retraining starting on the ground. His owners have just started riding him and he is preparing for the 100 mile ride across the Mojave as well. (Hence his name.) 


Jack is a Holsteiner/Friesian Cross. He is schooling training Level but knows his shoulder-in's. 

Ponies and Carriages

Lynn is a white Welsh Pony mare who had never been undersaddle or hitched. She now is ridden through parades and pulls the carriage along side busy roads. 

Spring is a black Welsh Pony mare who was considered dangerous by other trainers. She had never been under saddle and is now broke for children to ride. 

Windsor is a liver Chestnut Welsh Pony mare, who had never been hitched to a carriage. She can now pull the carriage all around the neighborhood. 

There have been a multitide of other Welsh Ponies in my program and I have helped with trainging Percherons to pull as well. 


In between training horses there have been a variety of horses. Stallions to racehorses on the track.